The LARP society (LARPSOC) comprises scientists from many disciplines with a shared interest in the study of La-motif containing proteins such as genuine La and La-related proteins (LARPs).
Since their initial characterization, genuine La proteins have been shown to function in the metabolism of a wide spectrum of non-coding and coding RNAs, several of which have been implicated in challenges to human health.
More recently, the study of the La-related proteins has expanded on the known functions of La-motif containing proteins in many eukaryotic species.
The aims of LARPSOC are both to promote research into La-motif containing proteins and to provide a discussion forum, in the form of a website and meetings held biennially, around this fascinating area of discovery.

The officers (elected at AGM Sept 2016)

President: Utz FISCHER; University of Würzburg.
Vice-President: Sasi CONTE; King’s College, London.
Honorary Treasurer: Sarah BLAGDEN; University of Oxford.
Honorary Secretary: Mark BAYFIELD (York University, Canada)
Postdoc representatives: Sandy Matjissen (NICHD, Bethesda) and James Chettle (University of Oxford, UK)
PhD student representatives: Roni Lahr (University of Pittsburgh), Jyotsna Vinayak (York University, Canada) and Hiba Al-Ashtal (University of Pittsburgh)
Past President: Rich MARAIA; NICHD, Bethesda.
Honorary members: Jack Keene (Duke University, USA) and Nahum Sonenberg (McGill University, Canada)



  • To promote the highest standards of research into La-domain containing proteins
  • To promote the exchange of information in all aspects of research into   La-domain containing proteins
  • To provide support and education to junior researchers in the field

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